Terra Nova - “Occupation” & “Resistance”

Terra Nova wrapped it’s first, and possibly only, season tonight. It was actually a pretty good pair of episodes, at least by the show’s standards, but it really only proved that this isn’t a show that’s aware of, or interested in changing, its faults. Here’s a link to some more detailed thoughts.

Terra Nova - “Within”

I’m running out of things to say about Terra Nova, luckily tonight was the last week before the two part conclusion. Here’s the link if you’re so inclined.

Terra Nova - “Now You See Me”

Terra Nova is still doing that thing where it releases new episodes, and I did that thing where I keep watching and writing Terra Nova even though it isn’t very good.

Terra Nova - “Vs.”

This week’s Terra Nova was both the best the show has probably ever been and to my mind a fairly certain sign that it will always be a very bad show. Here’s a link to why I felt that way.

Terra Nova - “Proof”

Another week, another unimpressive episode of Terra Nova. I put together some more detailed thoughts here.

Terra Nova - “Nightfall”

Terra Nova was a bit better this week than it’s been in a while, it’s still pretty bad though. Here’s a link to my thoughts.

Terra Nova - “Bylaw”

I wasn’t able to do coverage for Pan Am last night due to a cable outage thanks to the freak October snow storm that hit the northeast. But here are my thoughts on this week’s Terra Nova.

Terra Nova - “The Runaway”

Terra Nova keeps on proving that it’s a bad show with its fourth episode, here’s a link to my review of the episode.

Terra Nova - “What Remains”

Here’s a link to my review of this week’s quite bad episode of Terra Nova.

Terra Nova - “Instinct”

My thoughts on this week’s Terra Nova just went up, here’s the link. Long story short, it’s not good, and it really doesn’t bode well for the series as a whole.